Benefits to Students

Benefits to Students


“I was having a hard time with my math but with Hollie’s help, I am cruising along just fine.”

–Lonnie Lujan, UNM-Taos

Being a member of The CCC has several benefits.

Course Advising: At UNM-Taos, we work with you to ensure that each semester you take the courses you need to complete your Associate Degree in Pre-Science as quickly as possible. We also make sure these are the courses that New Mexico Highlands University wants so you can transfer there as a junior in your specialty area, like Forestry or Geology or Biology.

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Hollie Laudal provides one-on-one Math Coaching to CCC student Daisy Eirich.

Tutoring: We provide tutoring to help you  succeed in your math and science courses.

Academic Stipends: We provide some members of The CCC with academic stipends so that students can focus on going to school and studying rather than working to make money.

Internships: We provide some members of The CCC with paid summer internships so that students get real-life experience working in Natural Resources Management. We have placed students with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Los Alamos National Laboratories, and the Taos Soil and Water Conservation District. Some students in The CCC have worked as research assistants to scientists on biological research projects.


“This is a wonderful program for minorities like myself.
It gives us opportunities with internships, mentoring, stipends. It’s an awesome opportunity.
I’m very grateful for it.”

–Reyes Roybal