Start your education at UNM-Taos


CCC Course and Transfer Advisor Erica Holmes-Trujillo celebrates

with UNM-Taos graduates Ariana Gallegos and Joaquin Romero.



You can save money and take small classes from excellent faculty.

You can take all the basic math and science courses you need at the University of New Mexico in Taos. They will transfer to New Mexico Highlands University or most other colleges you could attend from Harvard to Stanford.

For students who want a career in Natural Resources Management, you need a Bachelor of Science degree in a field like Forestry, Biology, or Geology.

UNM-Taos has partnered with New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas so you can start your education in Taos and complete it in Las Vegas, a 90-minute drive away.



By earning your Associate Degree of Pre-Science at UNM-Taos, you can transfer to Highlands as a junior with only 4 semesters remaining to get your B.S. degree in Forestry, Biology, or Geology. In total, this is a 4-year, 8-semester program.


For CCC members, we provide financial support, advising, and tutoring to help students complete their degrees. Many of these services are also available to students who are not members of The CCC, but who want to launch their career in Natural Resources Management at UNM-Taos. The best way to receive these services is to contact us.


Associate of Pre-Science at UNM-Taos

Complete the “Core Curriculum” required to be a broadly educated person in addition to your area of focus within the Pre-Science degree.   Choose the Bachelor degree you want to transfer into right away. This will guide what math and science courses to take at UNM-Taos to complete your Associate Degree. That way you can transfer to Highlands ready to jump into 300- and 400-level courses in your area of specialization. Contact The CCC right away to get advising and assistance in navigating these decisions and to ensure that you take the right courses each semester. You don’t want to put a few semesters in and realize you should have taken different math and science courses. You want to make the most of your time and your money.


Bachelor of Science at New Mexico Highlands University


B.S. Forestry with a Forest Management Concentration

B.S. Forestry with a Wildland Fire Concentration

B.S. Environmental Geology with a Geology Concentration

B.S. Environmental Geology with a Water Resources Concentration

B.S. Environmental Geology with an Environmental Science Concentration

B.S. Biology

B.A. Conservation Management



Along with your B.S. degree, you can elect to take additional courses to earn a Minor in Wildlife Management, Forest Management or Wildland Fire Management.


Masters of Natural Science at New Mexico Highlands University


Highlands also offers a Masters degree in Natural Science in these three areas of concentration:

  • Environmental Science and Management
  • Biology
  • Geology



For more information or to apply to become a member of The CCC, contact:

Barb Wiard, Outreach Coordinator, 575-737-3745,