What is Natural Resource Management?

What is Natural Resource Management?

Clean water, healthy forests, and abundant wildlife are resources that nature provides and that life depends on.

Natural events – like wildfires – and human activities – like poaching, polluting, and riding ATVs off-trail – can damage these resources. Natural Resource Managers try to maintain or improve the resources nature provides by allowing humans to use them without harming them.

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US Forest Service Biologists Michael and Jay Gatlin teach CCC students alongside Dr. Brooke Zanetell.

Because we have so many natural resources in Northern New Mexico, we have many federal agencies that employ people for the purpose of Natural Resources Management. These agencies include the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Fish and Wildlife Service.

People who work at these agencies have jobs such as Wildlife Biologists, Forest Planners, and Recreation Managers.
Right now, there are many jobs available in Natural Resources Management because older employees are retiring. If you get the education and experience, you have an excellent chance of getting a job.